My Friend Angie

Update: 11/15/16

Angie is VERY brave. VERY kind. VERY wise. VERY determined. 🙂



Original: 10/24/16

She is brave. She is kind. She is Wise. She is Determined.

She is Angie.

And we love her so.

But first, a story:

Angie and I have always shared certain similarities. Out of respect for her privacy, I will not speak on those. But I will say I have always empathized with her, and her me. And I have always admired her and her ability to care for and love herself.

I wasn’t always so great at it.

But neither was she.

Angie is a beautiful person, inside and out, but she struggled with her own brain working against her sense of self and her truth, for a bit.

So, one time, she was feeling some things and was reminded of our own mortality. So, naturally, we planned her funeral. And I went to work on her eulogy.

DISCLAIMER: Angie was and is FINE. We had a very odd evening…and it got us all thinking a bit. 

This is a weird thing to do at age 16, we were aware then and still are, but we were/are pretty weird (in awesome ways!). And we love words and writing. So I wrote her a eulogy. Just in Case. I didn’t save it, but it went a little something like this:

Angie is a friend to all. She is universally loved and cherished. She is silly. Funny. Goofy. Unabashed in her ability to love and laugh. She ENJOYS life. She shares so openly for our benefit and seldom asks for anything in return. 

But she needs and deserves love. Especially when her brain is signalling to her that something is not right. That she is not okay. And we, as her support network, need to make sure she never feels that way again. 

We need to build each other up. To be unselfish. To listen and not stand in judgement. Because when ANGIE becomes “not okay,” it tells us all that something is not right within us. Because she is our rock.

And this is what is not right: the self-absorption. 

The best way to honor our friend Angie, now and forever, is to listen to others in pain. To empathize. Because that is what Angie would do. To get out of our own heads and asses and just listen. To be there. Present. To let others know we see them. 

I see you Angie. Always have. And I love what you are throwing down. 

I am a fan of the Pange. And I love us, too 🙂

Thank you for the support. Thank you for the example. Thank you for the unselfishness. Thank you for the joy and the laughter.

And remember, when you struggle (and thankfully its not with your mortality, anymore!), we are here. I am here.

It can be tough to fully hear another person and to set aside our own “stuff,” but when someone like Angie asks for it, one is compelled to do so.

Please know you are not alone in any fight or in life. We all share your ups and your downs. And we celebrate you!


For being awesome YOU.

I find great strength in knowing others are there doing the whole life thing right along with me. And you do it well, my friend.

So my last article of the day is for My Friend Angie.  And all the other Angies of the world.

They need to hear how great they are. They need to know.

The Rolling Stones knew!

Angie! AAAAaaaangie!

We love you.

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