Talkin Bout My Generation: A Plea for your Vote. Yes, for HER. (Bonus Boomer View at the End)

She really ain’t that bad kiddos!

If you can get behind Bernie, Hillary should not be this difficult of a transition. Keep in mind Bernie had no real chance of securing the nom. Let me repeat that. He was never going to get it.

I said that to my friends and family the day I chose to start backing him. Because I’ve studied politics and I’ve worked in it and I know how it goes. Yes there were conspiracies and Yes there were cover ups. Don’t get me wrong that stuff really sucks. But that’s the reality of the political climate in 2016. Bernie knew what he was up against and I don’t think he ever really thought he would win either, initially. But he did well! He got closer than we ever imagined!

I believe his mission was to wake America up and get us talking about the key issues that we need to talk about right now.

Elizabeth Warren as well. President Obama has also stepped way out of his role as President right now to do the same thing and hep the Progressive Cause (He is a true blue Liberal and always has been).

The millennials’ claim these 3 people as their Liberal Gods. So why are they not listening to their advice and pleas?

All three have endorsed Hillary. Even Warren. Who has a past that goes back with this woman decades and not all of it positive.

What Bernie did was change the conversation and shifted a few key DNC platform items to the left. He held Hillary and the Democrats accountable to the peoples’ wants and needs. He did his job and is doing it now in a different way. He has moved on.

Trust me I get his emails every day still. And he is asking that you all, as his followers, get behind Hillary so Trump doesn’t win. He is still fighting for us he is just a realist that realizes he can do it more effectively right now in a different way.

That is the wisdom of Bernie and that is the wisdom you only get from a candidate like Bernie Sanders because of his generations of experience in the political world and public service sector.

If Trump wins we all lose.

Please recognize that people are forced to change their public positions and their stances on key issues once they reach roles of power at that high of a level as Hilary and Obama have reached. And they need to. Because they are held accountable to a voting public and two other branches of government.

And before you judge her for how she responds to a candidate like Trump, because he is an ass clown and even the most veteran and polished of the politicians really don’t know how to handle him, please consider her as a whole person and a complete package as a candidate. Look at the full picture clearly. This may involve you doing some research on your own because that’s what mature and responsible, informed citizens of the world must do.

When I see Hillary, even after having my own issues with some of her stances and actions, I see a passionate woman who knows politics and who has already been responsive to us that backed Bernie. And she wants to be even more so. And she knows she needs to be.

I am technically a millennial but I am so frustrated with my generation sometimes. If you pride yourself on being so enlightened and educated and doing things a different way and shunning the wisdom of the baby boomers and all that came before us, then follow your own advice and do your research. They did. My parents and grandparents NEVER used social media for info. They read newspapers and attended speaking engagements.

Facebook and Twitter are not reliable news sources. They are partisan. Unfortunately, the popular news outlets are no longer reliable, either (and haven’t been for quite some time). They clearly don’t want to do their job and won’t even host debates!

If you want to know how to help, contact me I’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

Mostly, please vote. Preferably not for Trump. But if you really want to help the Progressive causes in this country, And yes that includes the Democrats, (Progressive and Liberals and Democrats have always been allies in the same fight) then you need to vote for Hillary.

Anything else would be a throwaway vote in this election which you have a right to, but it would not serve you. In fact, it would only harm you. You are going to be coming out of college soon. You are going to enter this job market. Or perhaps already have. Unless you had financial help, it will most likely be tough. For the majority of us, it was and still is.

I’m placing all my faith in Hillary as our generation’s best option out of the financial struggle.

The best thing about Millennials? We know life isn’t defined by a paycheck and “dream jobs.” We know how to make our own happiness and use the modern tools at our disposal. I love that part of my generation.

But we still need help just to get a foot in the door and to pay loans, buy cars and homes, start families, feed those families, and one day retire.

But Don’t Take My Word For It!

Here is what one Boomer Cares about during this election cycle: 

“As a boomer, I received a pension which allowed me to retire early, but they are almost nonexistent anymore. Along with the widening wage gap, when will millennials be able to retire? Factor in student loan debt at record levels. Compare honestly to social nets provided in other countries (e.g. Finland). How much do these programs cost the taxpayers? Are they worth it? Hammer the one per cent for their greed. Trump personifies many of them.”

Sound advice from a different Voice from a different Generation. 


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