Hot and unbothered: 3 reasons why you should try hot yoga today

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Dana in Demand

About a year ago while we were living in Chicago, my boyfriend and I decided to give yoga a try. Okay, so maybe I only went because the classes were free with our gym membership. Either way, I had a few visions in my head of what it would be like and most of them ended with me trying to fold myself into a pretzel and laughing hysterically or falling asleep on the mat. Lucky for me, none of that ended up happening and I only almost fell asleep once. The few yoga classes I did attend never did much for me, I didn’t feel something deep, spiritual, or calming like the Real Housewives always do on TV and the environment was lackluster and boring. I decided to leave yoga alone and figured that maybe it just wasn’t for me.


Recently, my boyfriend mentioned that he was thinking about going to a…

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